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Traumatic dental injuries occur with great frequency in today’s children. Reports show that 25% of schoolchildren experience dental trauma.

One of the most common dental injuries in baby teeth is luxation injury when teeth are displaced.

Another common injury in permanent teeth is a fracture.

Let’s discuss some of the common injuries in pediatric dental patients.

1. Soft tissue tear

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The injury to the upper frenum, or tissue connecting the upper lip to the gums, is often torn on children at a younger age when they learn to walk. This is a self-resolving injury and rarely requires treatment. In case of such an injury call the dentist near you to rule out any other potential injuries and to discuss management. Firm pressure with moist gauze or towel pieces can help to stop bleeding. A soft and bland diet during the healing phase will help avoid any discomfort. Be gentle with oral hygiene around this area.

2. Bumped Teeth

1. Concussion : bumped teeth that is in the same place as before.

2. Luxation: bumped tooth that is in a different place than its original one.

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3. Chipped off tooth

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3. Avulsion Injuries(Knocked Out Teeth)

a. Baby tooth: if a baby tooth is knocked out, do not attempt to re implant the tooth. Weighing the risks and benefits of reimplanting the tooth or leaving it out the best option is to leave the tooth out of the mouth in order to protect the underlying permanent tooth from damage.

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b. Permanent tooth : call a dentist near you immediately to arrange for care.

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Where teeth are joined together using a thin fibre reinforced wire thereby increasing their stability.

Splint placement

splint removal

Here Are The Proper Steps To Manage A Permanent Tooth That Has Been Knocked Out.

After getting hold of a dentist near you follow the below steps:

  1. Pending the injury, rule out any potential head damage that would require immediate emergency hospital treatment. If the child is unconscious, vomiting has memory loss, or is lethargic it may indicate there are other more serious problems than the tooth.
  2. Find the tooth and pick it up by the crown(not the root see the below picture)
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3. Rinse the tooth gently and briefly(10sec) with cold tap water.

4. Do not scrub the tooth, do not clean the tooth with soap, alcohol, mouthwash, or any other chemical.

5. Do not wrap the tooth in tissue, cloth, or plastic.

6. Do not allow the tooth to dry.

7. Place the tooth back into the socket immediately and with gentle finger pressure. If you are not OK with this, getting to a dentist near you as soon as possible is necessary to give the tooth the best prognosis possible.

8. If unable to place the tooth back into its socket, transport the tooth in the following liquids listed in order of preference:

a. Hanks balanced salt solution: (save a tooth) sometimes found in first aid kits(tooth may be kept in this solution up to 24 hours)

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a. Milk: preferably cold and low fat (tooth may be kept in milk for up to 3 hours)

b. Cold tap water or inside the child’s mouth( last resort – living cells on tooth may completely die within 1 hour)



How to prevent dental trauma in kids???

Many kids these days are seen to be active in contact sports:

MOUTH GUARD  is the best preventive option here:

A sports guard, mouth gaurds, and mouth protectors are different names for the same thing: a device worn over your teeth that protects them from blows to the face and head.


What sports need mouthguards:

  1. Basketball
  2. Boxing
  3. Football
  4. Handball
  5. Hockey (ice and field)
  6. Lacrosse
  7. Martial arts
  8. Rugby
  9. Water polo
  10. Wrestling

if you or your child play a sport or participate in recreational activities, the use of a  mouthguard should be considered. Using a mouth guard can reduce your risk of mouth-related injuries, including to the teeth, lips, tongue, and soft tissue. Recent studies report that the use of mouthguards can also minimize the severity of a concussion.

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