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General Anaesthesia In Shivaji Nagar, Pune

When behavior management tools at our disposal are exhausted, then as a last resort complete oral rehabilitation may have to be carried out under General Anesthesia in a hospital setting. Vanilla Smiles In Pune equipped with the latest equipment and Advanced training, usually manages full mouth rehabilitation for cooperative kids or those with special health care needs in record time under 3-4 hours. This usually involves 15-20 teeth at large. Dr. Abhishek Soni is attached to Cloud Nine Hospital and Sahyadri Hospitals, one of the best in the city. They are equipped with an excellent team of pediatricians and Anesthetists to make it a stress-free experience for the child and parents alike. The team is extremely meticulous in following the guidelines laid out by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA).

We are at Vanilla Smiles – The Best Dental Clinic in Shivaji Nagar, Pune offers the General Anaesthesia in Pune.  we are also near FC Road, Apte Road, Karve Road, Fergusson College, and Good Luck Cafe.

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General Anesthesia in Pune is most helpful for :

  • Infants
  • Children who require major treatment
  • The very anxious child
  • Children that have had traumatic dental experiences (sound and smell aversion)
  • Children with a strong gag reflex
  • Children who are medically compromised or who have intellectual disability

Why Vanilla Smiles For General Anesthesia In Pune??

At vanilla smiles, In In Shivaji Nagar, Pune we believe that by teaching your children good habits and managing their behavior in the office about dental treatment at an early age we can positively affect their health, wellness, and confidence for the rest of their lives. That is why Dr. Abhishek Soni and team vanilla smiles have created an environment where parents can be confident about the dental treatment kids receive and can be as involved in the treatment of their children as they would like to be by establishing a dental home with us… General anesthesia is commonly used to facilitate dental treatment in patients with anxiety issues or challenging behavior, many of whom are children or patients with special needs. Since we are responsible for the safety of children, we consider it our duty to inform the parents as to when, how, and why certain kids need their dental treatment under general anesthesia…

As above indications for general anesthesia In Pune are :

  1. The child is extremely uncooperative, afraid, or anxious. All other sedation options available at our disposal have been exhausted i.e Laughing gas; Oral sedation; IV sedation
  2. Special needs children who are unable to comprehend the instructions given by doctors and need to undergo dental procedures.
  3. Children and young adolescents who need to undergo complex dental procedures or surgeries.

Unlike adults, children sometimes do not understand why they are undergoing dental treatments. Their innocent minds may get scared easily and they might refuse to cooperate with the dentist, staff, or even their parents. In the case of special needs children, the challenge level rises even higher since their mental health is slightly more delicate and physically they are fragile. So to ensure the treatment they get is a definitive one and pain-free Dr. Abhishek Soni may recommend dental treatment under general anesthesia.

Note: unless and until it is necessary and all other options for treating the child in the office are exhausted, Dr. Abhishek Soni would not recommend general anesthesia for your little one.

Is It Safe To Treat Kids Under General Anesthesia in Pune ???

It is normal to face some doubts and fears when a doctor advises you general anesthesia In Pune for your little one. And although there are some risks associated with general anesthesia, those risks are rare when we have well-trained anesthesiologists by our side.

The procedure is the same as would have been required, god forbid the little one requires surgery for birth defects; fractures, etc. How one would put the child to sleep in a hospital setup, likewise for dental rehabilitation we do the same and complete all the teeth requiring treatment in a definitive and time-bound manner. Definitive and time-bound are two keywords that will be discussed as we move ahead.

Once you put the child under general anesthesia, no parent would want the procedure to be repeated in near future for their little one. Hence it’s prudent to be definitive in whatever we plan. Parents should not be myopic and stop only at the deep fillings stage; they should be ok to go one step ahead and cover the tooth 360 degrees i.e with a crown. The crown could be metal or white depending on what the parents wish for their little one.

At vanilla smiles dental clinic In Pune we make sure to get in contact with the best hospitals where the procedure will be carried out and Dr. Abhishek Soni himself performs all the dental procedures on the kid. All the necessary precautions are taken by the surgeon and the hospital to keep your child safe.

When general anesthesia In Pune is administered, the child is constantly monitored throughout the treatment.

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As mentioned previously general anesthesia treatments In Shivaji Nagar, Pune are carried out with immense precautions and responsibility by the team vanilla smiles, we also need full cooperation from the parents to make this treatment a full success.

The most important aspect of this is full medical history. Parents are requested to inform us on:

  1. Past illness
  2. Systemic disease
  3. Allergies
  4. Medication history
  5. Hospitalizations and surgeries are done previously
  6. Detailed medical history and reports: in case of special needs children
  7. Any information not mentioned above but relevant to the case also needs to be shared by parents previously. It this important for the pediatric dentist and the anesthesiologist to calculate the dosage of general anesthesia and monitor the parameters of the child and also the post-anesthesia care to be taken.
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 It is compulsory to undergo a PAC for the patient before the dental procedure. the evaluation is performed by the anesthesiologist at the referred hospital and conveyed to Dr. Abhishek Soni as well.

Based on the medical history of the patient, they might prescribe you the required investigations for the procedure. A physical evaluation is done to ensure safety during the procedure. Sometimes, a general physician or pediatrician may be asked to give consent about the overall fitness of the kid. In some cases, even an additional evaluation by a specialist may be required.

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What Are The Restrictions Before And After The Procedure???

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It is very important to follow the doctor’s and anaesthesiologists’ instructions regarding fasting (food and fluids restriction) prior to the appointment. These instructions will be given to you during the PAC. Your child will be discharged when stable and alert. children often feel tired after the procedure. You will be instructed to let your child rest at home with minimal activity until the next day. Antibiotics and painkillers will be prescribed postoperatively, as required. Postoperative dietary recommendations will also be given. A relaxed, happy and safe environment is the best way your child will recover quickly and comfortably after a procedure under general anesthesia.

Why Us For General Anesthesia In Shivaji Nagar, Pune?????


Parents often ask us, what are the side effects of general anesthesia? We usually inform them by saying that besides the risks shared by the anesthetist during the PAC and as mentioned in the consent form, there is no deleterious effect on the child. This has been affirmed by the GAS and the PANDA and MASK study done on infants less than 24 months old under general anesthesia. The study concludes NO EVIDENCE OF CLINICAL ANESTHETIC NEUROTOXICITY

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Safety is inversely proportional to time and hence we believe in maximizing the safety of your little one by finishing all our procedures in a time-bound manner.

<10 teeth involved 1.5-2hr

<15 teeth involved 2.5-3hr

All 20 teeth involved 3-3.5hr

Why Are We Able To Finish Our Cases In A Time Bound Manner.

  1. Experience Of More Than 120 Children And Counting Treated By Dr. Abhishek Soni And His Team
  2. Team Work Dr. Soni Always Works With 6-8 Hands Which Includes Himself And 2-3 Of His Associates.
  3. Meticulous Work Delivered Under Magnification And Isolation
  4. Practices Evidence-Based Pediatric Dentistry Guidelines As Laid Down By The American Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry.
  5. Practices Minimally Invasive Pediatric Dentistry Which Again Adds To The Time Saving During Procedures.

How do parents benefit out of this

  1. Safety of the child is at its peak.
  2. Hospital expenses are based on the amount of time clocked in the OR So if we finish our cases in 2.30 to 3 hours where the hospital expenses are 16000- 18,000 hourly = 36000 to 48000 for the whole procedure. Whereas, others may take 4 to 5 hours, so the total hospital charges go to INR 65-70,000 and above.
  3. Every case is curated, discussed, and planned 48 hrs before so that only the best is delivered to your child.
  4. The right choice of restorative material that will go into your child’s mouth. We use capsules, that replaces the hand-mixed powder liquid material; which again adds to the time saved and quality care delivered.

    1. Child Age 3 years
    2. No teeth involved 14/20
    3. Time required 200 minutes
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Yes, we treat children who need special care. Vanilla Smiles is one of those dental clinics in Pune, which is equipped with all the latest technology to provide special care for a special child. Dr. Abhishek has a Master’s in Pediatric and Preventive dentistry from the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. He is specially trained to treat dental problems of infants children and adolescents. Read more about Dr. Abhishek. What makes the difference here is their quest to upgrade the knowledge that helps them practice all the modern solutions available in the dentistry world. It means you can get the international standard of treatment at this dental clinic in Pune.

Personal Support, Treatment, and After-Care

Our staff is highly trained to make your dental treatment most comfortable. They know in advance what all support you may need, and they make sure nothing misses on the way. After the treatment, they follow up rigorously to ensure your post-treatment needs are met as needed for the successful treatment.

Plan Definitive For Child With Us...!!!!!!!!!!

Dr Soni is known to handle all complex cases tha have failed at the hands of the other operators and as we discuss the following cases that required a repeat GA because absence of right equipment in the OR; trying to save a few Pennies

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Case : 1

This Kiddo Went Through General Anesthesia Previously But No Definitive Treatment Plan Was Performed And Landed Up With Swellings And Failed Restorations In Very Less Time Post Ga. We Planned Definitive For Her This Time Under Ga.  Now This Little One Just Comes For Her Preventive Prophylaxis And Topical Flouride Varnish Application To Us With A Positive Dental Attitude….

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Case : 2

This Kiddo Went Through General Anesthesia Previously But No Definitive Treatment Plan Was Performed And Landed Up With Swellings And Failed Restorations In Very Less Time Post Ga. We Planned Definitive For Her This Time Under Ga.  Now This Little One Just Comes For Her Preventive Prophylaxis And Topical Flouride Varnish Application To Us With A Positive Dental Attitude….

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Meet Our Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Abhishek Soni

Dr. Abhishek Soni- BDS, MDS – Pediatric & Preventive Dentist 

At Vanilla Smiles Dental Clinic in Pune, Dr. Abhishek Soni stands out as the leading pediatric and preventive dentist in the area, committed to providing top-notch care to your little ones.

With an impressive background in dentistry, Dr. Abhishek Soni, BDS, MDS, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his practice. He specializes in child dentistry, making him the go-to expert for parents seeking the best pediatric dentist in Pune. His dedication to the field is evident through his extensive list of services aimed at addressing the unique dental needs of children.

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