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Oral Health Community Program | Vanilla Smiles Dental Clinic

28th April 2023

Oral Health community program

Vanilla Smiles, the best dental clinic in Pune, has taken a compassionate step by adopting 150 underprivileged children for their oral healthcare. The clinic has decided to provide free dental treatment every Thursday to these children, who may not have access to adequate dental care. This initiative is a commendable effort towards promoting oral health in the community and addressing the lack of dental facilities for the underprivileged.

The program is an excellent opportunity for the children to receive quality dental care, which may help prevent dental problems in the future. By taking this initiative, Vanilla Smiles has shown its commitment to social responsibility

Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare services.

Momies Katta | Dental Hygiene Workshop

13th April 2023

momies katta
momies katta event
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Vanilla Smiles dental clinic is organizing a dental hygiene workshop for mothers under the banner of “Momies Katta.” The workshop aims to educate mothers on the importance of oral health and its impact on overall health. The clinic believes that mothers play a critical role in promoting good oral hygiene habits in their children, and this workshop will equip them with the knowledge and skills to do so effectively. Vanilla Smiles is calling all mothers to join their mission of creating a cavity-free future for their children and the community.

Through the Momies Katta workshop, Vanilla Smiles is taking a proactive step towards promoting oral health awareness in the community.

Special Heath Care Need in Dentistry

7th May 2023


Vanilla Smiles dental clinic expresses gratitude to the Indian Society of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry (ISPPD) for entrusting them with the topic of treating children with special healthcare needs. The clinic recognizes that treating such children is a challenge that requires a holistic approach, and they were honored to have the opportunity to discuss this topic with colleagues from across the nation.

Vanilla Smiles is dedicated to continuing the discussion and implementing best practices to ensure that children with special healthcare needs receive the care they deserve.

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