Wisdom Tooth Extraction In Pune

Tooth Extraction in Shivaji Nagar & FC Road, Pune.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Near Me in Pune is the removal of one or more wisdom teeth located at the back of an adult mouth. There are multiple reasons for which we suggest the extraction, and the most common of them are impacted wisdom tooth, which causes infection and pain. 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction In Pune

What is a Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom takes time to come; the same is true with a wisdom tooth. They are one of the last teeth that grow in our mouths. It mostly develops between the age of 17 and 25, but this is not always true. In some people, it never comes out, or it comes out very late in some people. For the sake of definition, wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth that appear at the jaw’s extreme back. They are also known as the third molar and usually four in numbers. 

Why is wisdom tooth extraction required?

The wisdom tooth is not always meant to be extracted, and we don’t even suggest it until it causes problems. Yes, they are named as wisdom, and ideally, they should reduce the problem not to cause them. But in the case when they erupt impacted, they may cause problems to the adjacent teeth. We have seen them growing towards the other molar teeth, poking them unnecessarily. Sometimes they grow towards the backside or at a right angle to the jaw. 

Problems which wisdom teeth can cause.

It can cause moderate to severe toothache, infection, gum diseases, and tooth decay as food debris accumulates there. If any of these issues hold true, we suggest extraction. We may also suggest extraction if the tooth is asymptomatic (not causing any issue now), as in the future, it can create an issue, and it will be comparatively hard to do surgeries with age. 

Painless extraction using conscious sedation and IV sedation

Experience painless dental procedures with conscious sedation and IV sedation. Our skilled team ensures your comfort throughout the extraction process, using safe and effective sedation techniques. Relax in a conscious state while maintaining awareness, or opt for deeper sedation with IV administration for a worry-free extraction. Trust us to provide a stress-free and painless dental experience tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to anxiety and discomfort with our advanced sedation options.


Cost of Wisdom Tooth Extraction In Pune:

In Pune, the cost of wisdom tooth extraction generally falls between 5,500 to 8,000. Rs

Vanilla Smiles is the best dental clinic for Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Shivaji Nagar & Deccan Fc Road.

When choosing a dental clinic to extract wisdom teeth, you should consider the dentist’s expertise, after procedure support, and facilities available at the clinic. Vanilla Smiles Pune is the ideal choice for your Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Deccan Fc Road as we offer the best facility for your convenience during and after the procedure. Dr. Namrata Soni is a highly qualified dentist trained at Kings College London for dental procedures. She is successfully done hundreds of dental procedures, including full mouth rehabilitation at Vanilla Smiles Sivaji Nagar, Pune. Our post-treatment support is excellent; a team of qualified dentists and medical staff will remain in touch with you until the extraction site gets healed properly and ensure the best experience for you. The clinic is well known for painless dentistry. We use all modern treatment modalities to ensure painless and smooth extraction of your wisdom teeth. 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Shivaji Nagar, Deccan, Fc Road, Pune

The prices for extraction vary depending upon the degree of impaction, the requirement of sutures, severity of the procedure, and other complications which you may have. In most cases, it starts from a few thousand rupees only.

Are you going to use anesthesia for the extraction of the wisdom tooth?

Yes, in most cases, we use Local anesthesia so that you should not feel the pain during the extraction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wisdom teeth are your teen’s third and last set of molars. While it is possible for wisdom teeth to grow in properly aligned and healthy, most often, they become impacted, or grow in just partially. In these situations, the risk of infection is high, which is why removal is recommended.

Don’t eat hot and spicy food; avoid hard food. We suggest you eat only liquid or soft food such as ice cream, yogurt, etc. Cold food help in reducing some of the discomforts as well.

In a couple of days, all the pain and discomfort will disappear. Please take all the medication as suggested as that helps manage the pain and accelerates healing.

If there is enough room in the mouth for wisdom teeth it grow in, they tend to erupt when you’re between 17 and 25 years old.

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