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Minimally Invasive Pediatric Dentistry MIPD

As parents would you be surprised to know that early interventions, establishing early contact with a children’s dentist near you (pediatric dentist) can help avoid the conventional DRILL n FILL. We at Vanilla Smiles understand and treat the Disease – Dental Caries and not just the manifestation of it; CAVITIES. We keep abreast with the latest materials in pediatric dentistry and hence deliver the advantages of the same to your child.

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Non-restorative cavity control is one such simple procedure, wherein we convert plaque retentive surfaces to self-cleansing areas, hence halting the progression of your child’s cavities. This involves MOTIVATED parents who will strictly follow the Home Hygiene Protocols.

Created artificial self cleansing gaps, the parents followed the home hygiene protocol diligently, with in-office fluoride varnish application as per CAMBRA protocol

And voila, after 2 years also, the cavities have not progressed!
So, what did we achieve

  1. We treated this 3 yr old chair side without any drill fill, which kept the child motivated.
  2. We conserved tooth structure and avoided Root canals, and eventually Crowns
  3. The child now 5 yr old is still motivated toward his dental visits and oral hygiene
  4. An economically viable option, with evidence-based results

Another case of a 1.5-year-old who was bottle-fed and ad-libitum breastfeeding!

Active Caries made Inactive

At 1.5 her roots were immature

At 2.5 yr Root elongation

After 3 Years

Now, if the parents wish we can always place Esthetic Crowns since the child is motivated and sits on her own on the dental chair!


Another procedure that falls under the category of MIPD, Let’s understand how a cavity forms in your child. Your child’s mouth is in a dynamic phase of Demineralisation (Loss of minerals from the tooth) and Remineralisation (Uptake of minerals by the tooth). When the scale tips, more towards demineralization your child develops cavities. For any cavity to progress, the bacteria that colonize your child’s tooth need their daily source of nutrition in the form of simple sugars. They survive and multiply to produce large amounts of acids that destruct the tooth structure. When we cover the entire tooth surface with a crown, these bacteria are STARVED off their daily source of nutrition and they eventually become inactive.

You may see the video to understand better

Watch The Videos To Understand Better

Meet Our Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Abhishek Soni

Dr. Abhishek Soni- BDS, MDS – Pediatric & Preventive Dentist 

At Vanilla Smiles Dental Clinic in Pune, Dr. Abhishek Soni stands out as the leading pediatric and preventive dentist in the area, committed to providing top-notch care to your little ones.

With an impressive background in dentistry, Dr. Abhishek Soni, BDS, MDS, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his practice. He specializes in child dentistry, making him the go-to expert for parents seeking the best pediatric dentist in Pune. His dedication to the field is evident through his extensive list of services aimed at addressing the unique dental needs of children.

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