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Every cell in our body has a role and purpose, which eventually decides what our purpose is!
Similarly, nature has provided a milk set that precedes the permanent teeth, and they do have a purpose, unlike the age-old myth, that milk teeth are not important, and they will fall eventually.
What they fail to realize is that they will fall at regular intervals starting at 7-8yrs of age for the front teeth and 11-12 yrs for the back teeth. Hence having a healthy milk tooth in the mouth is of utmost importance, so that the permanent teeth are unharmed and healthy.
Under the primary molars, are the developing premolars. A healthy milk tooth helps guide these premolars to their rightful position in the mouth. Premature loss of primary molars due to dental decay may lead to space loss which will eventually deviate the premolars to deviate from their predetermined rightful path of eruption.

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Whatever space usually 6.5-7.5mm required by the premolars to come to their rightful position is provided by nature in the form of a healthy milk tooth. Any cavity between two teeth leads to a loss of arch length stressing the importance of regular follow-ups since these hidden cavities are usually missed by parents until you see a frank cavity.

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Why do we need to extract a chronically abscessed milk tooth, Stop being myopic O parents!
Any tooth is a closed compartment, In an aggressively infected milk tooth, if a vent is not created through the tooth for the pus to drain, it will lead to the formation of an intraoral/extraoral swelling.
Every permanent bud developing under the milk tooth has a protective layer called the Crypt. If that is breached due to long-standing infection in the milk it may affect the immature developing surface of the permanent premolar, which may manifest as a.) White Patches, b.) Stained Weak Surfaces or with c.) Surface Structural Defect, aka Turners Hypoplasia

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See it to believe it, that is the amount of necroinflammatory granulation tissue in direct contact with developing permanent successor, which if not removed may lead to developmental defects in the permanent successor.

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Lets look at how a chronically infected milk tooth it affects developing permanent successor!
A.) May cause structural defects, causing it be more prone to Decay!

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B.) May cause formation of white patches and Discoloration

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So, which space maintainer is suitable for my child In Pune?
Depending on the number of teeth, that will be removed, Depending on the age of the child-specific space maintainers are designed to serve a specific purpose.

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A bilateral space-maintainer in a 5 yr old In Pune

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A lingual Arch in a 8yr old In Pune

An infected first primary molar due to overzealous use of SDF. See the amount of necroinflammatory granulation tissue. Extraction followed by Space maintainer under Laughing Gas!

Tricky Interim Space Maintainer, In case a second primary molar is lost before the age of 6!

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How long does the space maintainer stay in my child’s mouth?
Only until signs of the eruption of permanent tooth eruption are imminent.

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A Space Maintainer Case at Vanilla Smiles.

1. Pre-operative Images: Abscess on both side of the teeth.

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2. Extraction of Teeth: 84, 85 and 74

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3. Space Maintainer: Fabrication and Cementation

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4. Teeth Eruption: 44 Erupting, 45 Erupted

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5. Teeth Eruption: 44, 45 Erupted

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6. Teeth Eruption: 34 Erupted, 35 Erupting

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7. Teeth Eruption: 34, 35, 44, 45 Erupted

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8. Post-operative: Removal of space maintainer

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