Post Extraction Instructions in Pune

1. Bite on the gauge piece for 45 min after surgery.

2. Keep your tongue and fingers away from socket or surgical area.

3. Do not rinse or spit for 24 hours after surgery.

4. It may take 1 – 4 hours for the numbness to wear off.

5. A soft and normal temperature diet is recommended for 24 hours.

6. The area with anesthesia should be monitored closely to avoid any cheek, lip, tongue bites.

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7. Use ice packs in intervals for the next 48 hours.

8. Drink plenty of fluid (do not use straw). This creates suction in the mouth that could cause complications)

9. Use warm salt water rinse following meals from next day for a week to flush out particles of food and debris from extraction site.

10. Consume soft and easily chewable food items and avoid hard, pricky (wafers), extra hot foodstuffs.

11. Complete the dosage of drugs as prescribed.

12. Avoid any physical activity like school sports, lifting, bending for at least 24 hrs.

13. Any if any heavy bleeding is noticed please contact us.

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