We help create experiences your child will cherish into adulthood. Importance of a positive dental visit!

This little one reported to us 2 years back for her dental woes. The child was already traumatised due to unpleasant dental experience. The delay in dental treatment mad the little one fall into a vicious trap of wait watch and treat invasively. She required 3 root canals due to the delay. Traumatized again, treatment delayed by two years parents reached out to us again for excruciating nocturnal pain that required immediate attention. We attempted that visit under NOOIS Laughing gas but all in vain, and dear parents please take note and give due importance to a positive dental experience. There is enough data to suggest that a poor or bad dental experience in childhood scars the little one for life that they keep delaying their dental treatments even in adulthood. We tried to take care of the anxiety using an oral sedative under NOOIS and we could finish our dental treatment quantitatively and qualitatively for the little one. She did not depart crying and as Mc Elroy rightly says that was a successful appointment for us!

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